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Who is Sharon Jackson?

Sharon Jackson was born in Philadelphia, PA and proudly served in the United States Army which brought her to Alaska in 1983. 

Upon completing her service, she enrolled in Charter College where she became a Certified Electronic Technician. Following the tug on her to heart to serve, Sharon then dedicated the next 10 years working for the nation’s leading small business advocates - the National Federation of Independent Business. 

In 2015 Sharon became the Constituent Liaison for Senator Dan Sullivan. From 2019-2021 she was appointed to the Alaska State House of Representatives representing Chugiak-Eagle River-JBER. 

Presently, Sharon serves on the Alaska Workforce Development Board and Serve Alaska, also serves as advisor on Be Better Medicine Media, Ascend Fund and Veterans in Pain national boards, and serves as Alaska Chairwoman for U.S. Term Limits.

Why I Am Running For State Senate

To put our state back on the right track, it is going to take someone like me who have the courage to stand up for the Constitution… not ones that play the go along to get along games or sell us out in Juneau.

I am running because I believe it is time to elect someone who has the courage to fight for our Alaskan Values.

We need a new Senator who has the determination and backbone to do what is right not politically correct. Our district deserves a new leader who will fight the woke agenda, bring back common sense to state budgeting, and help families struggling due to inflation.

As a veteran, strong advocate for small business, State Chairwoman for U.S. Term Limits, I am never at a loss for a willingness to tackle a tough problem.

US Army Photo of Sharon Jackson
Sharon Jackson at American Legion Dinner

We Must Protect Our Conservative Values

Like you I am worried about the future of Alaska. Is our bright future being squandered? 

Our state is facing many challenges from democracy to education to fiscal wellbeing. The very fabric of our society is being undermined with the trampling of our rights, rank choice voting, reckless government spending, and inflation crippling family budgets. 

Worst yet, I’m shocked by the racialization of our children in the schools. Politics doesn’t belong in the classroom. 

That’s why after much reflection and prayers, I’ve decided to run for State Senate. As I have proven while serving in the Alaska House of Representatives, I don’t bend under pressure your voices are not for sale.

Committed To Alaska and Alaskan Values

Improve education and stop the radicalization of our children in classrooms
Require fiscal discipline in the state budget
Empower the small business community that creates
local jobs
Make Alaska more affordable to alleviate Biden inflation
Restore Democracy by ending ranked choice voting
Hold the line against new taxes
Strengthen public safety by giving our first responders the tools they need

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